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Girls Golf of Phoenix - Frequently Asked Questions


Please bear with us... This page is getting a makeover but we wanted to still give you access to some of the helpful information. 

What is Girls Golf of Phoenix?

Girls Golf of Phoenix is an empowerment group for girls {ages 3-18} that builds confidence, enhances athletic ability and provides engaging event opportunity to enrich their lives through golf. 


Girls Golf of Phoenix is a 501c3, independently funded, program of the Junior Golf Association and operated with permission as a local site/program of the LPGA*USGA Girls Golf {national based in Florida through the LPGA Foundation}.

How does a girl started in Golf?

Most Girls Golf members are introduced to golf through family exposure, a friend or a professional at a golf course in their area of town.

Girls Golf of Phoenix primarily offers tournament/event opportunities, for more practice and professional instruction, we recommend reaching out to the golf course closes to you. That is going to be the easiest resource for your family or you can email our "VP of FAQ" to receive a recommendation of a girl/junior friendly golf professional in your area.

LINKS TO Girl/Jr Friendly Golf Instruction  > Coming Soon

Band-New Golfer:  Girls Golf of Phoenix provides some events throughout year that are geared to a "brand-new golfer" and welcomes entry level players to spark their interest. These events are offered valley wide at minimum cost. We even have equipment the girls can borrow. More info:

Where is the best place to get golf clubs? 

We are so glad you asked!! We are thankful for strong community support trough Van’s Golf Shop and the PGA Superstores. We also recommend that you speak with the LPGA/PGA Professional for fitting.

*If your family is experiencing financial hardship, please contact GIRLS GOLF for to learn more about our used club options.


How much does it cost to be involved with Girls Golf of Phoenix?

Girls Golf of Phoenix annual membership fee based on the calendar year ($40 - Jan thru Dec) > Sign up and pay online! 

Event fees vary depending on format and location (ranging from 0-$60 per player)

When is the next Girls Golf of Phoenix event? 

We have approximately 40 events throughout the year. We recommend vising our “events tab” to find out when our next event is and which is most convenient for you to participate in. You choose your level of involvement. 

Keep in the loop on social media for event updates - #GirlsGolfofPhoenix

How do I join Girls Golf of Phoenix? 

Online! Here!  Sign up NOW!

Once you are a member, you can create your own level of commitment. (No pressure from us! We want you to have fun!)

You can participate as much as you wish. (And we hope you will love it so much that you keep coming back!)

Every event has a deadline so pay close attention to the dates.

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